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Dental Implant Restoration for Smile Transformation

dental implant restoration

Dental Implant Restoration for Smile Transformation

Posted by Dr. Mark Kujiraoka in Uncategorized 15 Nov 2016

Dental Implant Restoration can transform your smile in an instant, especially if you quality for immediate dental implant restoration.

Known as same day replacement, Dr. Mark Kujiraoka from Mak DDS is a dental implant restoration dentist in Sacramento who can determine if you are a good candidate for immediate dental implant restoration.

Although same day replacement is available if you have broken a tooth or have been considering having your teeth pulled for dentures, there are three parts of the puzzle that Mak DDS needs to consider before immediate dental implant restoration replacement is a possible.

  • Removal of the root or existing tooth
  • Simultaneous implant replacement
  • Crown Placement

The most critical thing to consider when it comes to immediate dental implant placement is the careful removal of the broken tooth. If the bone that supports your tooth isn’t damaged, it will be a viable site for your dental implant. If the socket walls or bone have been damaged, immediate replacement may not be suitable as it could cause gum recession or a poor result.

The implant must be placed so that it is non-movable and stable. Almost like putting a screw into a hole that has already been drilled, Mak DDS needs to make sure that the jawbone is the right size to hold the titanium dental implant. If not, Dr. Kujiraoka will determine if immediate placement is an option.

The crown will be either indirectly or directly attached to the abutment. For the implant to be stable, the temporary crown has to be free from any type of biting force as it could displace the dental implant. Once the area has healed, a permanent crown will be attached to the abutment screw or screws.

If you would like more information regarding dental implants, or would like to see if you are a candidate for immediate dental implant restoration placement, call or click and talk to a team member from Mak DDS today.