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Dental Implants for Missing Teeth Sacramento

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Dental Implants for Missing Teeth Sacramento

Posted by Dr. Mark Kujiraoka in Uncategorized 15 Mar 2017

If your missing teeth are affecting your social life, you may want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kujiraoka from Mak DDS for a complimentary dental implant consultation.

Dental implants could be the answer if your dentures slipped one too many times at your favorite restaurant or if you had to skip that T-bone because of your missing teeth. However, your looks aren’t the only thing that is affected. Even that molar that you had pulled a couple of months could start to cause problems for the rest of your teeth.

Problems with Missing Teeth

If you have lost a tooth, regardless of which one it is, Dr. Kujiraoka explains that your overall health could be compromised. Without your teeth, you cannot chew properly. If you have a missing tooth or teeth, your other teeth could bear the brunt often cracking, crowding, chipping, or tipping.

Poor Nutrition-The foods you eat support your body keeping you healthy. A diet full of fruits and vegetables is vital for overall health, but if you can’t chew, you won’t be able to get the proper nutrients.

Drifting-If you have lost a tooth you may have noticed that your other teeth have drifted into the space. Your healthy teeth are trying to move in to make life easier, but on the contrary, it only makes things worse.

Jawbone Deterioration-When you lose a tooth your jawbone has nothing to support it. The roots of your teeth give your jawbone the exercise it needs to stay strong and healthy. Without the tooth, your jawbone will deteriorate.

Gum Tissue Deterioration-When you lose a tooth your gum tissue will start to recede as well making it easy for food particles and bacteria to enter your blood stream. Dental implants are permanent replacement teeth that can help you rebuild your gum tissue and your jawbone.

If you have missing teeth and are curious about dental implants, call or click and schedule an appointment with Mak DDS in Sacramento for a complimentary dental implant consultation today and start living your life with a new smile. Call or click now.