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Dentures Are Not the Only Solution


Dentures Are Not the Only Solution

Posted by Dr. Mark Kujiraoka in Uncategorized 15 Apr 2017

Dentures are not the only replacement for missing teeth, and if you are tired of being embarrassed every time you speak, call or click and schedule an appointment with Sacramento implant dentist, Dr. Mark Kujiraoka from Mak DDS. Mak DDS can give you a permanent smile that you will be happy to show off.

Thanks to modern 21-century dental technology, you can replace your missing teeth with dental implants that will look and feel just as strong as your natural teeth, and best of all, if you take care of your dental implants, your new smile will last for the rest of your life.

Dental Implants are surgically placed into your jawbone with titanium posts or screws. Those posts are the base for your new artificial teeth that are made from the strongest materials in the world. Unlike dentures, you will not have to be refitted if you lose weight or age.

One of the most significant advantages of dental implants for missing teeth is that they help prevent bone loss. If you wear dentures, you understand that there is nothing to exercise the bone. Dental implants are artificial roots that stimulate bone growth helping maintain bone density.

Although removable replacement teeth are less expensive, they are less effective. Dentures can also cause a decrease in jawbone quality and will feel unnatural and fake. They can be uncomfortable, move around and will often slip. With removable artificial teeth, you will also have to use adhesives or creams to keep them in place. With dentures, you may have to avoid the foods you love as dentures can restrict chewing. Dentures can also make you look 10 years older than you actually are because of jawbone deterioration.

You do not have to deal with dentures for missing teeth. Call or click and schedule a no obligation dental implant consultation with Dr. Mark Kujiraoka from Mak DDS in Sacramento today.